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Frequently asked questions

How much does this cost?

AI Copy Scanner lets you subscribe to a set number of words each month. When you submit copy for scanning, we deduct the length of the copy from your monthly word balance. Our lowest monthly plan starts at $49 and gives you 100,000 words per month. Unused words do not carry forward.

All our plans are month-to-month, cancel anytime.

How accurate is your AI detector?

AI Copy Scanner has proprietary detection models that have been trained on the most popular and widely used LLMs such as GPT-3. Our testing has consistently yielded an accuracy rate >95%.

Why are you better than the free detectors?

Free AI detection tools today usually apply classification against one LLM or a few popular LLMs. We've found our classifiers to be more sensitive and exhibit less false positives compared to other providers.

How does your tool work?

AI Copy Scanner provides two methods for submitting your copy for analysis:

  • An online text editor for you to copy and paste your content in and submit.
  • API access if you'd like to submit copy from your own app or another tool.
  • Scanning and results are instantaneous. We share back the percentage of copy we detected as human or AI generated, along with a recommendation on whether this piece is entirely AI generated, hybrid, or original human content.

    How do I contact support?

    If you need help with our platform or have any other questions, you can contact our support team by emailing